It is written... was born after I boldly resigned from corporate as a Key Account Manager declaring that God has called me and I had accepted His call. I was led by the Holy Spirit to a three day dry fast (no food and no water) and I gave in on the second day. I was led again the following week and I completed the full three days and I regained my strength on the fourth day. Although I was tempted, I stood steadfast and thankfully on the fifth day I had a visitation from God... and under the anointing I wrote a game with all the scriptures and numbers given to me.

What an encounter, you can’t stop writing under the anointing and when He gives you something to write you don’t even check for spelling mistakes, you just write and focus on another level and He confirms it’s Him and what He wants and how you must put things in order. He gave me the number of squares to use in the board game, from start to finish, that is 40 then the other numbers are 3, 7 and 12. Half way through the game, His presence was so alive that all I could do was repent and cry a lot. Halfway through the game, He gave me the name of the game… It is written...(as Jesus quoted to defeat the enemy...followed by scripture, Mathew 4:4-10).

I have a one bedroom flat and I was writing in the lounge where I could feel His presence and cry but when I left to go to my bathroom, as soon as I left the room I stopped crying and as soon as I returned and entered the lounge door I started again. It was an awesome and amazing feeling. Then He gave me the four elements/tokens that were to be included in the game, (Crown, Cross, Nails and Spear) and I cried out loudly and said, “No Lord, I can’t” and He said, ‘My People have forgotten’, so I decided to change the spear for hand cuffs because I thought the spear was just too much to bear and the cuffs will make sense, like breaking all the chains like what Paul and Silas did but God said, “No” and gave me revelation for the spear. The revelation: First Adam and Second Adam…. Adam was put to sleep and one of his ribs removed to create his bride Eve...the two became one. Jesus (second Adam) the spear to His side represents a slit by the His rib (spiritual operation of removing of His rib) which joins the bridegroom (Jesus) and the bride (church) as one. My God is awesome. I stopped working at about 11pm that night. The fun started the next day when the attacks started coming and I tried completing the game and every time I sat down to work I got distracted... I would be delayed and literally say to myself, “Garth stop now and focus and start finishing the game”, and a day went by and a week and then two weeks and the game was not finished so I started stressing and eating a lot and my friend from Durban (another city) (I’m in Johannesburg) said she has been troubled for a week or two and feels it’s me and I need to fast and she will fast with me, so guess what… I fasted again but I decided to do a dry fast again and I received all the promises for the game and the vision and focus was clear and I was back on track. God gave me two more confirmations about the game, which was awesome. He knows I need to be hit behind the head by Him for me to know it’s Him but it was powerful.

So another week and I found our designer who also confirmed she had been speaking about the promises the night before so my God will keep on confirming. I thank God for the designer who serves at our church and has a passion for the Lord. The designer had her attacks with the game but all I told her was that the logo must be any font and must be in red as well as have the back ground of the Calvary Mountains. She came back with a font called...You are Loved and said in her 27 years experience she has never heard of that…My God is LOVE so she was defiantly lead and all colours were hers so I also prayed for help with the tokens and He led me to a woman that is a child of God and serves in another church but is anointed to do His work and what would have been a one week delay for the samples she designed, she instead gave me my tokens the first day we met. God will always bring people in your life anointed in a specific area to complete what He has given you for His people, this game is not mine, I am just a vessel and He reminds you along the way that He is in control and so I would always ask Him for help and God is faithful and always will come through. He keeps reminding me to write that God is no respecter of persons and fasting doesn’t move God as I was led to a dry fast because of the huge mountains and strongholds I was facing, after I resigned and gave away my money so after the fast I was focused.

I resigned in June 2016, with the 22nd of July 2016 being my last day and there were so many challenges I faced to get the game out before Christmas but what I loved the most is that when the Holy Spirit is in control all you can do is just surrender to Him. I had to be totally dependent on Him, as I had no food and rent money, just the Word and faith and He sent me a sower to take care of His vision and also He led me to an in-depth deliverance where He did it. Awesome! (I will share more about this and other events in my blog).

Father, In the name of Jesus I pray that the game touches and transforms the lives of those that play it. May the promises be planted deep in their hearts, that when any trials or attacks come to them they can boldly say... It is written... bringing the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God to their defence and strength. Amen.

It is written...

in... Philippians 4:19

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."